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Pediatric Nursing Services

Baby and motherA child has unique needs. At Destiny Home Care, we acknowledge how unique they are by offering specialized nursing services. Through Pediatric Nursing Care, clients from infants to prepubescent youngsters receive the gentle care services provided by our nursing staff.

Pediatric Nursing Services are ideal for children who have special needs and those who need extra attention as they recover from a health complication. For parents, this type of service can also be extremely useful. When you go back to work or have errands to attend to, you’ll need someone to watch over your precious little one. Who better to entrust your child than to a professional who has formally studied child care and received clinical training specifically for pediatric care.

We administer medication, engage in recreational activities, prepare meals, and provide comfort to our little clients.

If your child can benefit from our pediatric nursing services, please contact our office.